Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing

Child Autism

This resource presents analysis of data from the Mental Health of Children and Young People in England Survey 2017. All figures are estimates based on England rates, are not directly derived from Oldham data and as such should be interpreted with caution. Differences will exist within different populations. These calculations are produced locally. Public Health England (PHE) will publish up to date data on the Fingertips website (see link below) in the near future taking into account age, sex and socio-economic classification of the local population. For the purposes of commissioning, these locally calculated figures should be utilised until the PHE figures are published at a later date.

This PHE tool collates and analyses a wide range of publically available data on children and young people’s mental health.

NHS Digital publish a collection of mental health data and interactive dashboards in the Mental Health Data Hub which includes mental health data relating to children and young people in England.

The Children and Young People’s section of this resource offers expert advice and links to policy and evidence. The toolkit should be used in conjunction with the return on investment resources to support local commissioners in designing and implementing mental health and wellbeing support services.

  • Health needs assessment

Improving mental health and emotional wellbeing for children and young people is a priority for Oldham. A health needs assessment of local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) was undertaken in 2012 and can be found here.

  • MH:2K Oldham

A project called MH:2K Oldham was launched in 2016 as a youth-led approach to exploring mental health. Between September 2016 and July 2017, MH:2K engaged over 600 local young people with diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Its participants chose to focus on five areas of challenge for young people around mental health:

• Families and relationships
• The environment and culture of schools
• Stigma
• Professional practice
• Self-harm

MH:2K Oldham’s design, findings and recommendations are presented here.