Levels of deprivation across the borough are generally ranked among the highest in the country.  Relative to other authorities, Oldham’s levels of deprivation have maintained a steady downward trend since 2004, according to the Indices of Multiple Deprivation (higher ranking depicts a higher level of deprivation).

Historical IMD Scores Table

Additional measures are available for 2010 and 2015. These are presented below.

Additional IMD Scores 2015


Oldham currently has four areas within the borough which are among the top 1% of the nation’s most deprived areas.  The majority of these areas are centred in and around the town centre, particularly within the wards of St Mary’s, Coldhurst and Alexandra.  Only the wards of Crompton, Saddleworth North and Saddleworth South do not contain any areas that fall within the nation’s top 20% most deprived.

IMD Map 2015 OIP PNG