Nutrition,Diet & Obesity

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The association between obesity and increased risk of many serious diseases and mortality is well documented and has led to the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) developing guidelines on identifying and treating obesity

The Public Health Outcomes Framework includes several local indicators related to nutrition and diet.

NHS Digital produces information relating to obesity, physical activity and diet drawn together from a variety of sources for England, some of which are available at local authority and CCG level.

In 2017/18, there were 2,790 admissions with a diagnosis of obesity. Rates per 100,000 are presented below by gender.

FCEs with a diagnosis of Obesity 201718 In 2017/18 2,434 prescriptions were issued in Primary Care for the treatment of Obesity. Comparative rates are presented below. Oldham’s rate of prescriptions were similar to GM and higher than England.

Prescription items for Obesity 201718

This publication also includes a data visualisation tool which allows users to select obesity related hospital admissions data for any Local Authority , along with time series data from 2013/14. Regional and national comparisons are also provided.

The full NHS Digital publication can be found here.