Learning Disabilities

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LD PRofile

A learning disability (or difficulty) affects the way a person learns new things in any area of life. A learning disability affects how a person understands information and how they communicate. This means they can have difficulty understanding new or complex information, learning new skills and coping independently.

Oldham’s Learning Disability Health Needs Assessment (2014) can be found here. Oldham Borough Council, Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group and the Learning Disability Partnership Board have commissioned this Health Needs Assessment as part of their continuing work to improve outcomes for people with learning disabilities. The report includes a review of the available data sets on current demand, unmet need and estimated future projections of people with learning disabilities by categories.

  •  Learning Disability Profile for Oldham

This resources summarises the demographic characteristics of adults with learning disabilities in Oldham.

  • Employment gap for people with learning disabilities

LD employment gap

This PHE resource indicates that there is a 66.2% gap in employment rates between the general population of Oldham and people with learning disabilities. This is similar to the gap observed at a regional and national level.