NHS Health Checks

The NHS Health Check Programme assesses people’s risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and diabetes. People found to be at increased risk are given support and advice to help them reduce or manage that risk. Health Checks should also include questions around mental health and loneliness as well as a discussion about risk factors for dementia.

Health Checks are offered every 5 years to eligible people aged 40-74. Eligible people are those who do not already have heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease or high blood pressure.

The NHS Health Check Programme has been commissioned by Oldham Council since 2013. General practices are the main provider of health checks in the borough.

Public Health England publishes quarterly data on the number of eligible adults receiving and taking up Health Check invitations in Oldham. Oldham Council’s public health team can  also provide practice-level uptake data on a quarterly basis.

  • Health Equity Audit

A health equity audit was undertaken in 2016 to investigate differences in uptake of NHS Health Checks in Oldham. It evaluated differences in utilisation by age, sex, ethnicity and deprivation.  A summary of the research is available here and a conference presentation is available here.