Sexual Health

Oldham, Rochdale & Bury Joint Sexual Health Needs Assessment, 2019

This Sexual Health Needs Assessment looks into the sexual health needs and demands, as well as services available across Oldham, Rochdale and Bury, (ORB). It starts by looking into the local population demographics, then looking into local sexual health services, then outlines the findings from a consultation with local residents and staff.

Oldham Sexual Health Profile 2018

This report includes data for both adults and young people in Oldham. It includes information on sexually transmitted infections (STIs), contraception and abortion.

PHE Sexual and Reproductive Health Profile

This PHE dataset includes a range of indicators to monitor the sexual and reproductive health of the Oldham population.

Sexual Health Needs Assessment

This needs assessment was undertaken in 2014 to inform the commissioning of local sexual health services.

Women and HIV in the United Kingdom, 2017

This report aims to go some way in addressing knowledge gaps and needs of women living with HIV in the UK. It provides an overview of HIV epidemic with respect to women, as well as providing a summary of HIV testing progress and the quality of care received by women in the UK.