Oldham’s Population

Population – ONS Mid-Year Estimates 2017

According to 2017 ONS estimates, there are 233,759 residents in Oldham. Compared to England, Oldham has a higher proportion of young people (0-19 year olds) and a lower proportion of working age adults and older people.

MYE 2017 Estimates Oldham & England

The table below provides a breakdown of the Oldham population estimates by age group and gender.

MYE 2017 Estimates Oldham & England DetailTheĀ population pyramids below display Oldham’s population segmented by age and gender, with a comparison to the proportion of each group against England averages.

Population Pyramid - Oldham Only 2017

Population Pyramid - Oldham & England 2017

Detailed ward level 2017 mid-year estimates can be foundĀ here.