Crime & Community Cohesion

In the year ending September 2018, the crime rate in Oldham was about the same as the average crime rate across similar areas. The red and green lines on the graph below show how far the crime rate would normally vary from the average. Oldham lies between the red and green lines, so the crime rate is normal for the group. It shows the total number of crimes over a twelve month period per thousand residents.

The areas shown in this chart are those that have been assessed to be most similar Oldham. However, the circumstances within these areas do still vary and these variations can have an impact on the crime rates observed [1].

Crime Oldham 2018 JSNA

In the year ending September 2018, the crime rate in Oldham was higher than average for the Greater Manchester force area, second only to Manchester.

Crime Oldham GM 2018 JSNA

The chart shows how crime rates in Oldham and Greater Manchester have changed over time. It also shows how the average crime rates in similar areas to Oldham have changed over time. The chart shows the quarterly crimes per thousand residents.

Crime Trend JSNA

  • Further Resources

1. The latest Public Health England Health and Justice Annual Report (2017/18) can be found here.

2. Resources to track, treat and prevent single infections and outbreaks in prisons, secure settings and health services can be found here.

3. Information about crime statistics within each area of Oldham can be explored on a police mapping tool here.

4. Additional information can be found on the PHE Wider Determinants of Health Profile under the Crime section.