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Carry on Summer Winos

live@thelibrary. At Oldham Library , Greaves Street, OL1 1AL, Oldham. United Kingdom.

Take a trip down memory lane with John Hewer from Hambledon productions with an interactive talk about the Carry On films followed by a celebration of Last of the Summer Wine:

 Carry On! Celebrating over 60 years of sauce and slapstick

Wallow in the company of Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Barbara Windsor and all the gang in this affectionate celebration of the immortal Carry On series.John Hewer, author of Carrying On! hosts an interactive talk show, offering potted biographies, a cascade of behind the scenes stories and an insightful history of the franchise.

Summer Winos Live!

2 Men, 259 Episodes, 1 Obsession…

Andrew and Bob’s gentle love of Last of the Summer Wine quickly became a quest to watch all 295 episodes. In order. While visiting locations. Making films. Meeting the cast. And, ultimately, turning their passion into a show. They take to the stage to explain how Last of the Summer Wine has taken over their lives, and what YOU can learn from the world’s longest-running sitcom!

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