Oldham Profile

JSNA Oldham in Profile Graphic PUBLISHED Feb 2019

Please click on the links below for more detailed information about the profile of Oldham’s residents:

  • Population – ONS Mid-Year Estimates 2017
    This section provides an overview of Oldham’s most recent Office for National Statistics (ONS) Population Estimates for 2017. Data is displayed by age group and gender, with England figures provided for comparison. If you require detailed population projections/forecasts, please contact Oldham Council’s Business Intelligence Service: business.intelligence@oldham.gov.uk.
  • Life Expectancy
    This section provides information on life expectancy at birth and healthy life expectancy of Oldham residents compared to regional and national averages.
  • Deprivation
     This section gives an overview of Oldham’s deprivation levels as measured by the Indices of Multiple Deprivation (2015).
  • Oldham in Profile 2019
    This report provides a comprehensive overview of Oldham’s population with further sections on the economy, housing, education and health & wellbeing.   A Word version is available here for people who wish to copy sections into other documents or quote from it.
  • Oldham Health Profile_2018
    This Public Health England (PHE) resource gives a picture of people’s health in Oldham. It is a high level summary that helps us to understand the needs of Oldham residents as well as some of the opportunities for improving people’s health and reducing health inequalities.
  • Public Health Annual Report 2017
    The annual report of the Director of Public Health is an independent view on the state of wellbeing in Oldham and what needs to be done to improve it. The 2017 report has a focus on the wide range of factors that have an impact on health and wellbeing in Oldham and recommended areas of focus and action.
  • Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF)
    Using the PHOF, we can understand which areas Oldham performs well in compared to others and also which areas are a challenge for Oldham and require further intervention and input.
  • The Greater Manchester Strategy Outcomes Framework
    The Greater Manchester Strategy sets out our ambition to make Greater Manchester one of the best places in the world to grow up, get on and grow old. The Greater Manchester Outcomes Framework sits at the heart of the Greater Manchester Strategy and provides a set of measures and headline 2020 targets for each of our ten priorities. The tpol can be accessed by clicking on the image below. Select the priority you are interested in and then select Oldham from the top right hand dropdown within each dashboard to see Oldham specific information.

GMCA Tableau Priority Dashboards